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Delphi Scalper Review – Scalping signals with some sizzle!

Delphi Scalper Review - Scalping signals with some sizzle!
Jason Fielder is at it again, this time releasing Delphi Scalper a Forex Signalling System that uses multiple custom indicators to predict the best time to scalp but also the best pairs to trade. He’s back tested the system and found that he can pick the right direction with about 70% accuracy. Plus, because it’s a scalping system you’ll only be looking to pick up 10-40 pips each… 

Forex Torpedo Review – Does it hit the mark?

Forex Torpedo is another addition to the forever growing FX EA space. Very little is known about this forex robot. I’m currently investigating FX Torpedo and will update this post as soon as I have more to tell. In the meantime, if you want to know a little more you can always visit the Forex Torpedo site here  Read More →

GDPBOT Review – No connection to USDBOT at this stage… a good sign!

It’s only hours away from the launch of GBPBOT, the next major FX Robot to hit the market after the Forex Robot World Cup. The good news is that it doesn’t seem to be associated with the creators of USDBOT, which means it’s not just the USDBOT guys rolling out a lesser product that didn’t make their USDBOT launch. So, what’s different about GDPBOT? GDPBOT combines 9 standard Forex… 

1st LMD-Multicurrency, 2nd HiRIDER – Forex Robot World Cup “Inside Scoop”

1st LMD-Multicurrency, 2nd HiRIDER - Forex Robot World Cup
The end to this years Forex Robot World Cup was a bit of a “one horse race”. With the only two notable performers being LMD-Multicurrency and HiRIDER. Add to this LMD had more than doubled the profits of HiRIDER with a few weeks to go there could only be one winner. Well done LMD for (what I would consider) quite an aggressive strategy… it paid off in the end. BREAKING NEWS 15/02/2010:… 

Triple Threat FX System – Don’t Be Threatened By Our “Genuine” Review

Triple Threat FX System - Don't Be Threatened By Our
Triple Threat FX is an intensive Forex Course  due to launch mid February 2010 and consists of 3 Trading Systems which are taught by 14 year trading pro Todd Brown. Why is this Triple Threat FX  Review different? Well, I’m not going to go on about the details of the Triple Threat FX like most other bloggers will (if you’re interested… see the bottom of this post), instead I’ve… 

USDBOT… our full review dispells any hype

USDBOT... our full review dispells any hype
In all honesty I don’t know much about the developers of USDBOT or its performance history, so until it launches in just a few days time here’s what I CAN tell you: To make sure the EA met their strict trading strategy the USDBOT team claim they used in-house developers to do the build it instead of outsourcing it. Although, this would be very hard to prove. They claim their strategies… 

Forex Neutrino… Three FX legends in one system

Forex Neutrino... Three FX legends in one system
Richard Samuels is the trader behind the Forex Neutrino signalling system. I hadn’t heard of Richard before and I’m guessing you haven’t either. So I dug a little deeper and found out that Richard had studied Forex from master traders like: Billionare Forex mogul Bruce Kovner (the former NYC taxi cab driver who borrowed $3000 and turned it into a multibillion dollar fortune). Richard… 

Forex Avalanche – will you see your profits snowball?

Forex Avalanche EA comes thundering down the mountain on 5th January 2010… We’ll be following the launch of this new Forex Robot over the coming days and aim to provide you with a solid Forex Avalanche review that will help you decide if this new Expert Advisor will see your profits snowball or disappear into a mountain of slush. Visit Forex Avalanche >>  Read More →

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